Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Gig Hunter for?

The Gig Hunter is for any musician looking for more work. (Let’s be honest, that’s all of us!) We built our platform with music directors, entertainment agencies, and individual musicians in mind but anyone searching for musicians for an event will find a use for our platform.

I don’t see any gigs in my area? Are you planning to expand?

All the gigs posted on The Gig Hunter are user generated. We’re a tool to connect you with your network. As our subscriber base grows in different areas we’re sure more gigs will pop up for you!

How is this different from Jammcard, Soundbetter, or Vampr?

The Gig Hunter is simple and has functionality built to support you from gig to gig! Whether you’re searching for a gig or looking for someone to play a gig, this is a one-stop solution to finding people to work with. Other sites are more geared towards social media, collaboration, and diversifying functionality for users across many stages of the creative process. We seek to be a simple tool to help you play more gigs and keep you organized on the band stand.

Which membership do I need?

Our tiered subscription system was designed to be affordable and give you the functionality you personally need. If you find yourself constantly searching for musicians then the premium membership is for you. If you are a working musician who sometimes needs a sub, then the regular membership will be enough.

Why isn’t this an IOS/Android app yet?

We appreciate you being an early adopter of our platform! We plan on expanding to phone apps but wanted to test out our functionality on a smaller scale first. Please tell your friends to sign up with your discount code, and we can move quicker on bringing the phone app your way!

How does boosting work?

When you post a gig, your listing will appear on the site in the order that it was received. If you’re in a pinch and need a quick answer from someone, boosting will prioritize your listing and make sure it quickly ends up in front of the person you need!

I don’t see my instrument/skillset/genre on your site. Can I still use The Gig Hunter?

Yes! At The Gig Hunter, we’re building towards a comprehensive and diverse network of performers and that means expanding when we can. Please reach out to and we’ll see about adding your skill set.

My casting agency wants to try out your site, are we able to do that?/I’m a band leader with quite a few people who I’d like to onboard. Can I do that?

Yes! Contact to discuss onboarding your agency into our network!

What makes a good profile?

We recommend filling out all the prompts on the profile page and posting 3-5 videos of you playing in various styles that best showcase your skill set! This is a network of professional musicians and putting your best foot forward will result in you booking the most work!